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Druglink article 2013 – A noxious business

When teenager Sophie smoked a legal brand of synthetic cannabis she expected to get high. But it turned out to be a nasty experience that the sellers and websites promoting the brand refused to acknowledge A noxious business (PDF)

Druglink interview 2014 – John Collins by Harry Shapiro

John Collins coordinates the international drug policy project at LSE IDEAS. He is the editor of the latest report to call for an end to the drugs war, but the analysis from this expert group of economists points to a more realistic, incremental approach than sweeping…

Druglink article 2014 – Joint ventures by David Ader

As both the medical and recreational marijuana businesses in North America grow apace, David Ader explores the pot at the end of the rainbow. With Colorado and Washington’s experiments with recreational cannabis legalisation filling acres of newspaper space, the continued rapid development of the medical marijuana…