Drug FAQs

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Drugs, effects etc

How much do drugs cost?

How pure are street drugs?

What do drugs look like?

What is addiction?

What is dual diagnosis?

What are the signs of drug use?

Why do young people take drugs?

What are the dangers from using drugs?

Where do drugs come from?

Why do people die after taking ecstasy?


Does drug education work?

How effective are media campaigns?


Does treatment work?

What types of treatment are there?

Criminal Justice

What are the UK drug laws?

How are the UK’s drug laws enforced?

How many drug crimes are committed?

What are the penalties for possessing or supplying drugs?

How much crime is drug related?

How many drugs are seized by customs?

Should drugs be legalised?

What do drug seizures tell us about availability?

What is the UK’s international approach to drugs?

What’s the Government doing about drugs?


How many people are addicted?

How many people die from drugs?

How many people use drugs?

Which drugs are used most?

Is drug use mainly in deprived areas?