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Druglink article 2010 – In the thick of it by Sam Hart

A controversial scheme that tackles parental drug abuse by parachuting key workers into family homes is proving successful. But the flagship Labour policy is under threat from dwindling resources. After a heavy night of drinking vodka and smoking spliffs, Jen finds it difficult to…

Druglink article 2011 – Reality TV by Liz Blackender

Outreach worker Liz Blackender on how the offer of a pair of new trainers and a flash TV eventually persuaded Martin, a long-term heroin and alcohol user, to relinquish his life on the streets and get off drugs. Reality TV (PDF) Additional keywords: incentives

Druglink article 2013 – High Times by Max Daly

The 2013 survey focusses on young people and the rise in their use of new synthetic drugs. Not many are coming forward to services – but outreach work tells a different story. New synthetic drugs (also called ‘legal highs’ or ‘new/novel psychoactive substances’) are…