Drug information

DrugSearch encyclopedia
An encyclopedia of over 150 drug names and drug-related terms.

Commonly asked questions about drugs, their effects, their prevalence of use, drug laws and education.

OTC drug dependence
Dedicated to information and links concerning dependency problems arising from the prescribing of psychiatric and painkiller drugs and also those bought over-the counter or online.

DrugWise Daily (formerly DS Daily)
Our free email alert service which aims to give coverage not just to news, but to the variety of views and opinions about all aspects of the subject that are of interest to the sector.

DrugWise website information receives award

ISG Electronic Awards 2016 (The Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals)

DrugWise promotes evidence-based information on drugs, alcohol and tobacco; the information is both topical and non-judgemental. The name may be a little confusing to start with but once you realise that the focus is with drugs as in drug misuse, the purpose of the site becomes obvious.

The layout of the site is clear and easy to use. The two main sections are the Drug Search and the I-Know Hub.

The latter contains the text of important international reports on drugs, alcohol and tobacco. Within each of the three main topics, there are sub-divisions making searching very straightforward.  For example, within the alcohol section the sub-divisions include prevalence, treatment and criminal justice.

The drug search section covers over 150 drugs and drug-related terms.  Here you can find out about legal highs, magic mushrooms or chasing the dragon. When describing a specific drug, the entry gives a description of the drug, the law, history, effects and risks and finally links to related sites for further information. The information is given very clearly and precisely, and the style is informal and personal. The site also has a comments section, book reviews and Find a Service which gives links to treatment services.

This is the third incarnation of this website and there is fully-indexed archive of articles back to the beginnings in 1986.

In an area where there are numerous sites all claiming to do the same thing, DrugWise stands out as a good central resource for obtaining balanced and scholarly information.   Therefore, DrugWise at www.DrugWise.org.uk is COMMENDED in the 2016 Information Services Group Reference Awards for Electronic Resources.