I-Know international knowledge hub

The purpose of the Knowledge Hub is to bring together international and internationally-relevant national reports and reviews covering the range of substances – drugs and alcohol and tobacco (including e-cigarettes). Under the heading of drugs are included those that are controlled as illegal drugs in most countries, plus the misuse or overuse of prescribed and over-the-counter medicines and performance and image-enhancing drugs. The hub is themed not only by substance but also by interventions such as harm reduction, treatment and recovery, education and prevention and criminal justice and enforcement.

In order to make the Hub globally relevant, there is no attempt at analysis because health, education and justice systems differ hugely across the world. So this information is presented in the hope that it can be adapted to fit national requirements.

There are no set criteria for inclusion here, but in the main, you would expect to find material which has undergone a rigorous review process involving expert groups, often from more than one country.

There is also a section under Drugs devoted to the law reform agenda. This is clearly gaining traction across the world and it is important that the arguments both for and against reform are properly aired. But there are many organisations and agencies involved in the debate, so again the aim is to bring together key policy reports in one place.

This is a work in progress, so the reports listed are simply indicative of the kind of information we hope to collate. If you have any suggestions for inclusion, please email Harry Shapiro at harry@drugwise.org.uk

To access the hub, go up to the I-Know drop down menu at the top and click on the different topic areas