Druglink article 2004 – Up up and away by Dominic Streatfeild, Viv Craske, Tim Bottomley and Russell Newcombe

History of stimulants:

Do the white thing
Powder cocaine is fast rivalling cannabis as the socially acceptable drug of choice. Crack, its rock-form offspring, is giving heroin a run for its money as the socially unacceptable drug of choice.

Waves of emotion
The rise and fall of ecstasy is a tale of tribal gatherings, Pot Noodle adverts and superclubs, which left the government and media more bewildered than clubbers on a Monday morning.

Cracking the market
Slowly but surely, crack has become part of the scenery among two sections of users Britain’s major cities

Setting the pace
Amphetamine has been gatecrashing in the UK youth culture scene in different guises since the 1950’s

Up up and away (PDF)