Druglink article 2010 – High on aspiration by Sara McGrail and David MacKintosh

Sara McGrail and David MacKintosh look at a decade of change within the drugs sector – and the looming government spending review.

It’s July 2010 and a new broom is sweeping through Whitehall in the shape of a coalition government, short on policy detail, but high on aspiration. Its agenda is to cut the spending deficit, and in particular to look at the efficiency of public services through a re-imagined spending review – the structure by which funding is allocated to government priorities. It has been billed as a “once in a generation” opportunity to re-define the relationship between the public sector, the government and society, underpinned by the Conservative yen for small government and the Lib Dem zeal for reform. We have of course yet to see the substance of the spending review – we won’t get a look at that until
the autumn – and on some key decisions about structures, the dust may not settle until well into next year.

High on aspiration (PDF)

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