Druglink article 2010 – Snow, skunk and psychonauts by Max Daly

Which substances have been the movers and shakers in the drug market over the last ten years? Max Daly on the rise of cocaine, cannabis farms, internet highs and the rapidly
evolving business of selling drugs.

As Britain awoke in the year 2000, with a collective sore head and a feeling that the ‘millennium bug’ may have been the largest case of mass global nonsense since LSD tattoos, a new era in the drug trade was emerging. It was a decade that would see significant change in the UK’s drug market and an expanding menu of substances available for drug users to pick and mix from. In 2000, the national media was awash with drug stories, while the political landscape seemed to be shifting, with the Blair government having prioritised drugs as a policy issue.

Snow, skunk and psychonauts (PDF)