Druglink article 2010 – Testing the waters by Emma Ward, Esther Sample and Marcus Roberts

DrugScope conducted a survey of its membership and other key stakeholders in September 2010 to inform our response to the drug strategy consultation. High numbers turned out at short notice at events in London, Birmingham and Newcastle to voice their opinions, demonstrating the commitment and passion that exists within the drug, alcohol and
related sectors. Attendees at these events completed over 100 survey questionnaires, with another 130 people submitting their views online. We also invited people to write a short ‘Postcard to the the Prime Minister’ with their main message for Government, which nearly 100 completed. Although largely targeted at individuals and agencies involved with DrugScope’s work, the survey does provide a useful barometer of the reactions of the drugs field to important elements of the government’s emerging policy agenda.

Not all of the findings from these consultations could be included in DrugScope’s response to the 2010 drug strategy consultation, so we are producing this report to provide an
overview of the key messages.

Testing the waters (PDF)