Druglink article 2013 – Alive and kicking in doors by Geoff Monaghan

Geoff Monaghan challenges the view that drug law enforcement is dead in the water.

I was interested to read Matthew Bacon’s thought-provoking article Endangered species (Druglink January/February 2013) concerning the “decline in the number of drug squads and the deprioritisation of drug law enforcement” in Britain. The central premise of his article is that this deprioritisation is the product of a more “realistic management approach” towards policing illicit drug markets. On the face of it, the fact that police services are disbanding their drug squads appears to support his assertion. However, a cursory trawl of
local newspapers and police websites suggests otherwise; see for example below, the extracts from a newspaper in north London and the Greater Manchester Police posting

Alive and kicking in doors (PDF)