Druglink article 2013 – The treatment matrix by Mike Ashton

A new, all-encompassing database gives practitioners and commissioners unprecedented power to pinpoint key areas of best practice in the drug and alcohol field.

Since 1997 Drug and Alcohol Findings has made ‘what works’ research accessible and understandable to UK practitioners, so they can use it to substantiate and improve their practice. Additions to its in-house library – at 17,000 documents, now the largest live drug and alcohol library in Britain – feed the growing Effectiveness Bank database holding over 900 analyses. New deposits in the bank are brought to subscribers’ attention via a mailing list and DrugScope’s daily news service. That service answers one need – to bring research to practitioners – but at the same time poses another: from all these riches, can we somehow identify the major documents practitioners in Britain should read even if they read nothing else?

The treatment matrix (PDF)