Druglink/DrugWatch factsheet 2012 – Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas, is used in surgery for its mild anaesthetic and analgesic effects and is one of the safest medical inhalants/anaesthetics, because it has little effect on critical body functions – which it is why it is a preferred painkiller for women giving birth and is used in dentistry to help relieve pain and anxiety. Favoured by the Victorians as a recreational drug, its popularity waned only to re-emerge as a recreational drug in the last few years becoming popular at parties and music festivals. National prevalence and mortality rates are not recorded. However, according to the Mix Mag Global Survey (2012), nitrous oxide was used by 27% of UK respondents and 43% of regular club goers in the past year.

Factsheet – Nitrous Oxide