Seminal Druglink articles

Media campaigns From the start the government’s heroin campaign was controversial – 1986

Don’t inject AIDS The government’s £5 million anti-AIDS media campaign – 1987

The fad that refuses to fade – Solvent misuse in Britain – 1990

The last place I would go’ Black people and drug services in Britain – 1990

“Everything starts with an ‘E'” An introduction to ecstasy use by young people – 1991

The smoking option – For two years Mersey drug dependency units (DDUs) have been prescribing heroin to opiate injectors – 1991

A researcher reports from the rave – Many thousands of young people take LSD, ecstasy and amphetamine while attending rave dance events – 1992

High time for harm reduction  – For many youngsters, the ‘just say no’ campaign has come too late or failed – 1992