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Druglink article 2009 – Beth Vader

In her third article for Druglink, drug worker ‘Beth’ describes her move over ‘to the dark side’ from a drug agency in a small northern town to a 12 step private rehab. Is she feeling the force? Beth Vader (PDF)

Druglink article 2008 – Hidden habits by Gibby Zobel

The UK is home to a rising number of immigrant communities. But what happens when they arrive with, or develop, a drug problem? Can our drug services respond? Gibby Zobel uncovers Portuguese speedballers, Farsi speaking opium smokers and teenage Nepalese heroin…

Druglink article 2008 – Controversy in a can by Sam Hart

The drinks industry denies products such as Carlsberg Special Brew encourage ‘irresponsible’ drinking. But, says Sam Hart, those working with the most vociferous customers of super-strength lagers tell a different story. Controversy in a can (PDF) Additional keywords: minimum unit…