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Druglink article 2012 – Acid tests by Jeremy Sare

Controlled drugs like opium and cannabis have long documented histories as medicines; morphine is still the gold standard treatment for pain relief. But since the discovery of LSD, the psychedelics too might have their own clinical applications Acid tests (PDF)

Druglink article 2014 – The acid test by David Ader

Psychedelic drugs such as LSD, MDMA and ketamine show promise in the treatment of mental health problems. The crossover between illicit drugs and medicines is nothing new. Opiates like heroin and morphine can be our most effective medical painkillers, yet cause immense harm to individuals and society. Some drugs…

Druglink news item 1991 – Vintage LSD scare sweeps UK

Mutant stickers laced with skin permeable LSD joined Ninja Turtles in Britain’s pre-Christmas fantasies as an incredibly successful chain letter persuaded parents and professionals that evil drug pushers were out to ensnare. Vintage LSD scare sweeps Britain (PDF) Additional keywords: myths…