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Druglink article 2009 – Beth Vader

In her third article for Druglink, drug worker ‘Beth’ describes her move over ‘to the dark side’ from a drug agency in a small northern town to a 12 step private rehab. Is she feeling the force? Beth Vader (PDF)

Druglink article 2011 – Under one roof by Sam Hart

Michaela’s life reached a crossroads when her daughter was born two years ago. She loved her child, but a serious drug problem meant she was incapable of looking after her. Sam Hart on a specialist residential rehab unit for families that helps drug using…

Druglink article 2011 – Culture shift by Joy Barlow

Joy Barlow on the impact of the recovery agenda on workforce development. The drug policy landscape and its focus on recovery, enshrined initially in the Scottish drug strategy in 2008 and then the UK strategy in 2010, required a sizeable shift in workforce development. For…